The entire community is very grateful to individuals, Companies,
Ministry of Education and the CDF for the financial support the school
has received from them. Due to such donations, the school has put up
the physical facilities as indicated .However; the school still has
challenges which require a concerted effort to alleviate. The school
community will be very grateful for any assistance given to alleviate
the listed challenges: -
i.      Supply of clean water by either pumping or purifying lake water to
the school or sinking a bore hole in the school or nearby.
ii.     Embracing ICT by installing computers now that the school is
supplied with electricity.
iii.    Putting up an administration block spacious offices.
iv.     Putting up staff houses to keep the teachers in the school for any
extra studies.
v.      Putting up dormitories to accommodate students who come from far
especially girls
vi.     Posting more teacher to the school to teach: -
       Math’s and Business Studies
       Biology and Agriculture
       English and Geography
vii.    Putting up a permanent pit latrine for girls with five doors.

Studentsí council



                2015 PREFECTS BODY


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The management

The school is managed by a Board of Magement appointed by theMinister for Education. Members of the Board of Management are:1. Mr. Useru Yara …

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