School history


The school was started in 2004 when the first batch of 24 students
joined form one. The Head teacher then was Mr. Brodox Omondi who was
heading God Oloo Primary School. The school steering committee
chairman was Mr. Mark Arunga.
In October 2005 the school was registered by the Ministry of Education
as a single stream Mixed Day Secondary School. The school was given a
temporary certificate number GP/3514/2005.
In January 2005, the first Teacher Service Commission (TSC) Principal
Mr. Samuel Omoro was posted to the school. By this time the enrolment
was 41 students from form 1 to 3. The principal was the only
government paid teacher. The rest of the teachers were paid by parents
and this a very heavy financial burden.
In 2007 the school registered its first batch of 32 candidates for
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Examination. In
January 2008 the TSC posted two teachers to the school. The teachers
were Mr. Gerald O. Onyango, a teacher of English Language and
Literature Mr. Samuel Achar, a teacher of Chemistry and Biology. In
2009 the TSC also posted Mr. Ibrahim K. Mulonga to the school to teach
Kiswahili and History.
In January 2010, Mrs. Beatrice Ouma was posted to the school as the
first deputy principal. She is a teacher of Kiswahili and CRE. IN 2010
Mr. Syprian Odhiambo was posted to teach Mathematics and Physics.
Currently the school has four BOG teachers.

Studentsí council



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The management

The school is managed by a Board of Magement appointed by theMinister for Education. Members of the Board of Management are:1. Mr. Useru Yara …

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