May I welcome you not only to God Oloo Mixed Day Secondary school
Website, but also to its compound. The school is fast growing school
in terms of both enrolment and physical facilities.
The school draws most of its studies from Gwassi Division, Suba
District. Some students also come from neighboring Nyatike and Dhiwa
Districts. The school, though mixed, has more boys than girls. The
ratio of boys to girls is 2:1. This is mainly because boys find it
easier than girls to commute to school even from far. Boys can easily
rent houses and stay without interference as they learn.
The school has a dedicated teaching staff despite the acute
understaffing. Four teachers stay at Sori due to inadequate
accommodation facilities in or around the school. Despite the
distance, the teachers reach in school in time to start lessons at
7.00 am. The teachers leave by 6.00pm. after conducting remedial
The school is average in terms of National E examination results. This
is mainly due to the attitudes of parents and students who think that
they cannot pass National Examinations from God Oloo. This makes the
students who are average to leave God Oloo to other schools between
form 3 and 4. Our pride is that such students pass admission interview
and end up passing KCSE. This is an indication that good work is going
on at God Oloo Secondary School.
The other challenge to a better National Examination Result has been
at tendency of candidates to say at home soon after registering for
KCSE as if they are private candidates. I’m happy to report that this
tendency has greatly changed this year as only one student left school
after registering.
The Board of Governors and the teachers are putting a lot of effort to
change the notion among the parents and students that excellent
examination result cannot be realized from God Oloo Secondary School.
They are doing this by convincing average students to remain in God
Oloo secondary School up to form 4, providing teaching and learning
facilities and teaching tirelessly.
There are plans to improve the facilities in the school to make it a
quality learning center nationally. Much thanks for your ideas,
prayers, resources and good wishes to God Oloo Mixed Day Secondary
School. God bless you all.

Studentsí council



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The management

The school is managed by a Board of Magement appointed by theMinister for Education. Members of the Board of Management are:1. Mr. Useru Yara …

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